The Story of the Magic Carpet

Once upon a time, a sultan sent his three sons out in the world to search for “the most valuable thing on earth”.

‘He who will find the “wonder of all wonders”, he said, will receive this kingdom.’

The oldest son returned home with an ivory wand, which could make one see anything.

The middle son brought an apple, whose fragrance healed any illness in the world.

The youngest flew home on a magic carpet. It could take anyone wherever they wanted.

‘So… which is the most precious?’ asked the sultan.

‘To see everything?’

‘To heal anything?’

‘Or to fly?’

The three sons took turns to praise and gush over their finding. But finally the sultan, raising his hand, said:

‘None is better than the other. If one is missing, the others are worthless.’

And finally the kingdom was divided equally among the three sons.

We should read this story as a subtle metaphor enabling us to understand how a living organism works.

All human organs and systems are interconnected. At all times, the pancreatic or liver cell has information about the heart or teeth, bones have information about the thyroid, the muscles about what goes on with the lungs and so on. Everything operates in utmost harmony and synergy.

We often consider the body a mere terrestrial vehicle, subordinated to the mind, which does its job without us. When giving signs of failure, it is sent off to a medical office or worse, discarded in a hospital bed where it is fed the magic pill and everything gets back to normal.

However, the body is not a lifeless machine. It protects, supports, contains and fills us with sensations, stores feelings and memories, lifts us up every morning, reminds us that we exist, gives us volume and weight and keeps the flame burning day in and day out.

“The body is the launch pad of a rocket. From the top of this rocket, the soul gazes at the mysterious starry night.”

Dr. Clarisa Pinkola

Accordingly, in this machinery throbbing with life, in this fascinating “sea” which is the oral cavity, one cannot treat the velvety pearls with brutality or remove them altogether, since there is no replacement so genuinely beautiful and valuable.

Teeth and the oral cavity are a direct reflection of the whole, a living mirror of metabolic games, a speaking mirror of the condition of the most secluded internal organs.

They definitely deserve a new type of approach and care, focused primarily on prevention, on the continuous endeavour to build strong and resilient tissues, bursting with energy!

About me

Glimpses of myself

It is difficult to give a straightforward and accurate description of who you are. With every passing moment we are someone else, something shifts within us constantly. Thoughts come and go, emotions slide away at their own pace, cells and tissues renew again and again, relationships gain new meanings, and our work is the direct reflection of our inner echoes… Everything flows and transforms!

In a nutshell: I am the solfeggio of my life and learning experiences.

Undoubtedly, birth was my first notable experience, since it gave the primary form and vision to my extra uterine life. Later on I was the artefact of my family environment, of a traditional education system, of the society and community with its cultural and religious standards; up to the moment when the perfect human form that I am, recognized the box in which the outside world wrapped me, whose size and design totally failed to reflect the larger-than-life size of myself.

I graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, followed by a year of internship and a training program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. In the 10 years of training and 14 years of medical practice I asked myself countless questions and found the following answers:

– We cure the disease, not the patient;

– We separate the disease from the human being and the human being from the whole;

– We target symptoms rather than the cause;

– We pursue prevention, yet inefficiently as long as the root cause remains concealed;

– Total submission and dependence of the pharmaceutical industry;

– Most often, illness is the last obstacle to prevent us from engaging in the same destructive behaviours.

In my day-to-day dental practice, I became a refined Observer of the teeth and the oral environment. An Observer who feels, listens, searches for answers from the inside, inquires, wonders, engages in an active dialogue with the human being-patient, because healing lies within each of us!

The oral cavity is a magical ecosystem, with an architecture designed meticulously for the multiple functions it performs. It is the land where hard tissue meets soft, elastic tissue, secretory tissue meets muscular tissue, air meets saliva, sound meets silence, bacterial colonies meet fungi colonies, and fixed tissue meets mobile tissue.

If it has such a polymorphous design, adapted to its structure and function, then it must certainly have an innate capacity of Self-regulation and Healing.

With every case, the woman in me gained more and more intuition, while the doctor accumulated knowledge and insight from alternative medical practices: homeopathy, Bach floral remedies, osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, essential oil therapy, the German New Medicine, Schussler salt therapy, psychosomatic medicine, the effect of nutrition on dental structure and others, which, although apparently unrelated to the field, further refined my observation.

Recently I have discovered that my mission is to accompany the patients who are prepared to own their healing or to guide this process through what I am and know at the moment.

I sincerely want to share experience and knowledge about this part of the body, in order to take assumed and aware steps towards regeneration and healing.

I know that every moment is a choice and every choice is a step towards a different reality!

Ana Sănduţă – Orthodontist | Personal Development Coach



Mindful Dentistry

If you wonder what it means…

Emerging during the 1950s-1970s, the concept of “holistic dentistry” is not entirely new. It refers to biological, integrative dentistry which opens a broader vision of oro-dental diseases, and places healing within the whole, eclectic and polyvalent structure of the Human Microcosm. I call it Mindful Dentistry since it takes more and more elevated levels of Mindfulness for such an approach.

Disease, patient, doctor…

The patient as human being!

It is practically impossible to have healthy teeth without feeling, knowing and owning your oral cavity… the doctor’s intervention provides only guidance and empowerment towards healing.

It is unreasonable to lay your dental problems on your dentist. The responsibility to solve them lies with each of us. What is more, ultimate healing should look towards the whole. Plato used to say: “The part can never be well unless the whole is well”.

Every organ regenerates at different rates: the skin every 28 days, the stomach lining every 1-2 days, intestinal cells every 2-3 days, liver cells every 5 months, and so on. The same is true for teeth and teeth supporting tissue. All it takes is a broader perspective of life and a sustainable change to the perception of this body part.

Teeth are luminous and living organs, not inert extensions with a mere aesthetic and mastication role, as they are often mistakenly considered. Their supporting tissues are equally alive and tuned to the whole body.

What is disease?

According to the traditional, academic medicine, disease is an error of nature, a failure of the immune system, which finally fights against the organ/body.

As such, it should be fought with all external forces: chemical substances, technology, radiation, etc.

In fact, disease is a signal given by the human body that it has fallen out-of-balance and out of harmony with its surroundings. It is a special biological program (according to Dr. Hamer’s studies) created by nature, which manifests simultaneously on 3 levels: psychological, cognitive and organic.

Oro-dental health and regeneration are possible only through a sustained effort to increase awareness of all the factors with impact on this body area. Oral care and hygiene are key pieces of the puzzle, but not sufficient in themselves.

Extensive studies conducted in early 20th century by Dr. Weston Price and Dr. Max Gerson or by the contemporaneous Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Loren Cordain certify that consideration should also be given to nutritional factors, malposition of the jaw in the global context of the body, malposition of the sacrum with further body dynamics disorders and impact at cranium level, dismicrobism and changes in the oral pH, diagnosed or assumed disorders of other organs (especially endocrine glands), active or healing biological conflicts, false values and beliefs (of the individual or from genealogical ascendance) which interfere with the maxillofacial region, etc.

The doctor?

In my opinion, the 21st century’s doctor no longer provides traditional medical assistance (except for emergency medicine), but has become a coach, a guide, who accompanies the patient along the challenging path towards healing. The doctor’s ultimate mission is to teach the patient how to be healthy.

However, to rise to the challenge, doctors must complete first their own awareness, liberation, transformation, healing and rebirth processes. It is not without reason that in Antiquity the philosopher doctor was resembled to God.

The success of holistic healing relies first of all on two-way Trust: from patient to doctor and from doctor to patient. Trust is initially established intuitively, on the first encounter. We should all be aware that all things happen for a reason… that such encounter, even if for medical reasons, is beyond the egotistic reasoning of the mind.

Secondly, the doctor needs as much information as possible about the general condition of the body, type of hygiene and diet, past or current medication, work environment, emotional state, teeth image, state of occlusion (static / dynamic) and last but not least, a complete X-ray of the teeth and surrounding bones.

Based on the above sets of data, the doctor establishes a case-specific therapeutic protocol, focused on:

~ interventionist dentistry, employing much milder actions and bio-compatible materials;

non-interventionist care, which can include, besides natural hygiene measures, free of artificial and harmful chemical substances, immunity boosters, detox programs, chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, emotional release techniques, psychological counselling and others.


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